Doctor - otolaryngologist, pediatrician, reflexologist Vladimirov Nina Petrovna

Doctor - otolaryngologist, pediatrician, reflexologist Vladimirov Nina PetrovnaDoctor - otolaryngologist, pediatrician, reflexologist Vladimirov Nina Petrovna A unique combination of three clinical specialties and extensive experience with severe patients became the basis for the successful practice of the physician. Nina Petrovna became a favorite doctor for many kids because her treatment is without pain and tears. Active participation of the doctor Vladimirova in the development and introduction of new domestic technologies and treatments (herbal, reflex, aromatherapy and others) have enabled many patients to be treated safely and effectively.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sick child gave sunscreen glass on ВЈ ,

Sick child gave sunscreen glass on ВЈ ,A child suffering from a rare disease that makes it impossible to stay in the light, will now be able to play under the sun. This became possible thanks to the precious gift of the local branch of the charity organization "Lions Club", which paid for the creation of the gallery with the special glasses that filter completely destructive ultraviolet light. Three-year-old David Jones (David Jones), living in Bromsgrove (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, is only one of the four people in the UK suffering from liver xeroderma, and in his case, the disease is more severe. Earlier on the street, he could only appear in three layers of clothing, using sunscreen with a factor of 60. "He never appeared in the sun. Even a short action of the rays will cause burns and blisters. Читать полностью -->

Craving for alcohol inherited

Craving for alcohol inheritedAccording to the German and Hungarian researchers, not only alcoholism, but v first v a widespread desire for the bottle in moments of stress largely explained by genetic factors. After a number of experiments on mice, the scientists of the Institute of molecular neurobiology at the University of Bonn, headed by Professor Andreas Zimmer (Andreas Zimmer) and their colleagues from the Budapest laboratory neuromorphology came to the conclusion that an extremely important role in alcohol dependence play a special proteins v the so-called cannabinoid receptors SW. Blame the gene encoding the protein receptor. During laboratory experiments mice after stress started, usually to consume more alcohol. However, in mice lacking the gene encoding the protein-receptor SW, this effect was not observed. In addition, these animals are unlike their counterparts in the control group v upon completion of the experiments showed no signs of withdrawal syndrome. Читать полностью -->

the African die in childbirth times more likely to

the African die in childbirth  times more likely toAccording to the UN, African women die in childbirth in 175 times more often than women in developed Western countries. Only in 2000, 95% of the total number of deaths during childbirth (529 000) occurred in Africa and Asia, and per 100 000 births in developed countries accounted for 20 deaths in the area of the Sahara desert - 920, South Central Asia the figure was 520, in South-East Asia, 210, 240 and Oceania Latin American countries - 190 deaths. This is the cost of lack of skilled and often do any medical care, not to mention the possibility of family planning. She. . . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow million injecting drug users

In Moscow million injecting drug usersIn Moscow million injecting drug users In Moscow million people use different drugs. In addition, more than 150 thousand people in the capital are sick addiction. These data led the head of the Department of health of Moscow Andrey Seltsovsky on Thursday at a meeting of the interagency Council of the government of Moscow drug prevention, Interfax reported. According to the Department of health, 138 thousand citizens are at the dispensary, of which 29 thousand sick addiction. These include 4 thousands of women and about 400 teenagers. The head of the Department said at the meeting that despite the sufficient amount in the capital medical institutions for drug addicts and qualified personnel, after treatment, people often goes back to drugs. Читать полностью -->


TakamatsuTAKAMATSU group of hereditary diseases in which damage to the nervous system combined with skin or chorioretinal by angiomatosis. Neurofibromatosis Recklinghausen. Typical multiple neurofibromas of the peripheral nerves; often localized neurofibromas intracranial (usually kohleovestibulyarnye nerve) and intraspinal, squeezing the brain. On the skin - age spots (red-cyanotic or color "coffee with milk"), in the skin and subcutaneous tissue - multiple tumors. In some cases there is a scoliosis, bone cysts. A significant portion of patients found increased blood levels of factor stimulating the growth of the elements of the nervous system. Читать полностью -->

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