the Blood of HIV - infected got in hospital Voronezh

the Blood of HIV - infected got in hospital VoronezhAt the end of may of the current year at the Voronezh regional station of blood transfusion at the woman, who was a regular donor for a long time, he was diagnosed with HIV. The woman was donating blood for transfusions is not less than 8 times. According to local press, infected blood could Popesti in any hospital, Voronezh. Currently, it is known that infected blood was transfused at least one patient maternity hospital. The subsequent analysis revealed the presence of virus in her blood. Since the transfusion was performed after birth, the child is infected women are not in danger. Gross violations were identified at the regional station of blood transfusion back in the spring. During the inspection of Voronezh, the chamber has established a number of facts of illegal sale and illegal distribution of donor blood by station staff. Their findings were submitted to the Prosecutor of the Central district, Voronezh. Now Voronezh doctors trying to figure out where and how you used the blood from an HIV infected donor.

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