Don't look for excuses!

Don't look for excuses!When men experience problems with erection, he usually experiences it hard enough, it's a blow not only to his health and self-esteem. Therefore, very often those who are becoming harder to achieve erection, trying to hide it - and not only from others, but from himself. Men come up with excuses, turning a blind eye to the problem instead of starting to solve it. Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction (ED), - so this disorder is called on a dry medical language, is curable in 95% of cases, and most of them without surgery. The main thing to do in order to restore the harmony of sexual relations is to go to the doctor, and the first step is very simple: you need to stop coming up with excuses. Here are some of the most popular men's excuses - take a look, maybe you happened to comfort himself in this way? "I'm too old".

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