Why media support inventors rental?

Why media support inventors rental?It is now fashionable to call the Internet a "rubbish dump" and other bad words. Moreover, the more specific the information, the more such conversations. Unfortunately, even the most reputable medical electronic publications often become agents of dubious information. Not going to stop at one of the prominent representatives, the proud name of "Embassy of medicine" does not prevent him to publish news six-month-old Just look at the last two examples, when the news is clearly of dubious quality to be published as an opening. Without a doubt, a very popular and useful resource Cardiosite.ru eve has published this news: Water hardness and the concentration of fluorine is inversely related to the incidence of CHD, reported in the February issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. At the same time, some trace elements such as iron and copper, increase the risk of heart disease. "Numerous studies on this issue have given controversial results," commented Dr. Anne Kousa and her colleagues (Finnish Geological Research, Kuopio). They decided to explore this question, when he found that regional differences in the frequency of cardiovascular diseases in Finland can not only be explained by differences in lifestyle and genetic factors. With increasing water hardness per unit of risk THEY were down by 1%. The increase in the concentration of fluoride at 1 mg/l was associated with a reduced risk THEM by 3%. On the contrary, at higher copper concentrations (1 Вµg/l) and iron (1 mg/l) the risk to THEM was increased by 4% and 10%, respectively. The lack of statistical significance of this connection, according to the authors, may be due to errors of statistical analysis. "Our study confirms the relationship between mineral composition of groundwater and the risk of developing THEM," concluded the Finnish scientists". The most fun in this study that local experts on food hygiene already knows all about it and read about the influence of mineral composition of water on the heart in any student textbook. "Solvay Pharma.ru publishes this news, also translated: "Found the cause of heart attacks in people with high cholesterol after the sudden physical exertion. A group of scientists from the Military Institute of pathology in Washington, headed by Dr. Ren-Virmani studied history 150 people at the age of 50-60 years, died from heart attacks. It turned out that almost 70 percent of these people died after exercise. Conclusion physicians - people with coronary heart disease and high cholesterol in the blood should be careful when beginning exercise and time with diet and drugs to lower cholesterol.".

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