Scientists predict this fall worldwide epidemic of avian influenza

Scientists predict this fall worldwide epidemic of avian influenzaRussian scientists do not exclude that the fall in the world could start an epidemic caused by a virus avian influenza. This was announced on Friday, the Director of the Institute of Virology behalf of the D. I. Ivanovsky RAMS, academician Dmitry Lvov. Avian influenza is a serious danger of a new pandemic - an epidemic that can cover the whole world", - said the lions. Such a pandemic, he said, can occur as a result of crossing avian virus with the virus of human influenza, for example in the body of pigs that are equally susceptible to both viruses. "The resulting reassortant (new virus) can rapidly spread around the world and claim millions of lives," said the scientist. Quarantine measures here are of little help, noted academician, because the flu virus is very resistant and can be easily transmitted from person to person. The lions gave an example of the influenza pandemic in 1918-1919, the so-called "Spanish flu", which, according to various sources, killed 20 to 50 million lives. The virus avian influenza in South-East Asia this year have been killed over 40 million domestic birds and a few dozen people (70% mortality of the patients), reminded the lions. According to the scientist, the epidemic crossed strain of influenza may occur not only in Asia but also in the United States, other regions, including in Russia. A new highly pathogenic virus in our country can bring the populations of wild birds, which migrate in Southeast Asia, as well as sick people, if started in this region of the epidemic. Russian scientists have already more than three months preparing for this development, said of the lions. Institute of Virology prepared test systems for emergency diagnosis of the first cases of possible illness this flu in our country. Tested and confirmed the effectiveness of antiviral drugs: rimantadine, virazole and Tamiflu. Scientists of the Institute have designed, according to the academician, "candidate vaccine strains" and now tested its protective properties and antigenic match. But vaccination does not protect against the disease, warns scientist. "Any vaccine is designed to save from death and severe complications, but not from the disease," he said. Much more effective scientist believes receive antiviral drugs, which must be in large quantities in all pharmacies and available to the public. Institute of Virology behalf of the D. I. Ivanovsky these days is celebrating its 60th anniversary and 140 anniversary of the birth of the founder of Virology Dmitri Iosifovich Ivanovsky. Six decades scientists of the Institute are to combat these dangerous viruses as viral encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever, hepatitis, HIV, herpes and influenza. RIA "Novosti"".

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