Advertising of drugs is injurious to health

Advertising of drugs is injurious to healthOn the Russian TV advertising of medicines made unfair and poor. So says the Director of the research Institute of vaccines and sera them. Mechnikov RAMS academician Boris Semenov. "Cannot screen to convince people that a particular drug will help everyone," he said. According to the scientist, "if you take the advertising tools used against allergies, it is not just wrong, but it is injurious to health". "First of all, people need to find out from the doctor what causes allergic reaction and how to cure it," said Semyonov. "If you use the tool, which, as advertised, will help from any allergies, people only hurt themselves," he said. Allergy is a very complex disease that requires a doctor's consultation and comprehensive treatment. According to Semenov, you need to combine certain medications with probiotics (containing microorganisms drugs), which normalize the microflora of the body. The specialist will indicate the price, which means you need to apply, and find out what microorganisms are lacking in the body, after which will prescribe probiotics, is able to compensate for their disadvantage. Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Anton Kotlinski also claimed that the advertisements must be consistent with health professionals, and significantly reduced volumes.".

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