Which is more harmful than Smoking or industrial dust?

Which is more harmful than Smoking or industrial dust?In the study conducted by American scientists revealed that the effects of industrial dust and toxic fumes at the workplace leads to the development of 5 million cases of chronic obstructive lung disease, characterized by impaired patency of the bronchi and/or lower respiratory surface of the lung tissue. Smoking remains the main cause of chronic obstructive lung diseases. According to the American Pulmonology Association, 80 to 90% of cases of these diseases due to Smoking, the remaining 10-20% of the professional hazards. This study found that industrial pollution is greater than the previously assumed value. Revealed that such occupational hazards can cause a 31% incidence of this pathology, which in America die each year 100,000 people. Scientists have suggested a link honey diseases and the influence of dust, fumes, exhaust and particulate matter from these workers. A group of epidemiologists from the University of California-San Francisco has identified the scale of this disaster. They asked 2,000 Americans on the phone, which asked the following questions: do you have any complaints on the respiratory system, and is affected if they are exposed to dust, fumes, etc. in the workplace. It was found that people exposed to harmful factors of production, two times more frequent obstructive pulmonary disease, regardless of, they smoked or not. The risk for each specific production was not determined, but the greatest risk of development of disease in firefighters, miners, farmers and bakers, regularly inhaling microscopic particles of dust, damaging the tissue of the lungs. The study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, suggests that smokers inhaling dust and fumes in the workplace, the risk of developing these diseases is much higher. The most common obstructive lung diseases are emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema violates the airiness of lung tissue, and bronchitis affects the respiratory tract. Both diseases lead to inadequate absorption of oxygen. Effective treatment of these diseases are not present, they are constantly progressing, gradually making it difficult to breath to such an extent that people are unable to endure even the normal load. The study found that less than 20% of patients with this pathology are still working. The problem is the American economy 32 billion dollars a year. Given the above, it is necessary to pay more attention to policy and strategy professional protect employees from airborne pollution. Experts say: "Workers have the right to demand a safe workplace, which implies and clean air"! Megafarm.

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