For the treatment of female infertility attracted monkeys

For the treatment of female infertility attracted monkeysAmerican biologists have developed a method of infertility treatment for women with remote or non-working ovaries. In the experiment, the researchers simulated the situation when the ovary was removed or damaged as a result of cancer chemotherapy. Seven makaka with remote ovaries biologists transplanted fragments of healthy tissue in their gonads in the kidney, arm and abdominal cavity. In all animals the graft began to produce sex hormones, and in four cases were obtained oocytes. One of the eggs were artificially fertilized and transplanted into a surrogate mother, which led to the birth of a healthy child. According to the researchers, this technique can help women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, to have children. Often they are asked to do the surgery or chemotherapy, which leads to infertility. Many women decide before treatment to wait for menstruation to save the egg for artificial insemination, but such a delay in the case of cancer can be fatal. An alternative to storing eggs can be frozen fragment of healthy ovarian tissue for transplantation after cancer treatment. This allows you to proceed immediately to surgery or chemotherapy, and, as we have proven in experiments, makes possible the birth of a healthy child. Ananova (translation Mednovosti).

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