Always be slim

Always be slimAlways be slim Even Schiller bequeathed: slim down! Women, like the air, you want the attention of men and their compliments - they give confidence and help to manifest individuality. However, smart women only appreciate those compliments that actually correspond to reality. But in order to always be worthy of compliments, you need to constantly work on themselves to monitor their appearance. Every woman wants to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible. It's no news that every era offers its own standards of female beauty. We are a sly grin, looking at the lush Flemish seductresses, given to us by Rubens. Making fun of the ancestors, admiring the portly kustodievskih beauties. We are from another Millennium, therefore, prefer a completely different type of external beauty. Yes and tense "posednik" XXI century contributes to the fight against extra pounds. At eighteen, when you are young, slim and light-hearted, the notorious "90-60-90" achievable simply. Over the years, everything gets harder. Easier - only weight. In the last decade of the last century us hundreds of times guaranteed fast weight loss. "The pill" and how to stretch a sad series of advertisements in the advertisement. Herbalife, Thai tablets, coding and other sophisticated Western and Eastern traditions. They hit us with a hormonal background. Place the liver. In their Arsenal - a lot of wonders that later will affect your body, desolate looking elegance. Is there a way to always be slim? "Original" question, isn't it? Experts believe: the miracle drugs is only the first impetus to the ideal. Mandatory parallel objectives. Down with lying on the couch! Down with boxes of marshmallows at night! Long live the hard work on yourself! Are there examples of "eternal harmony"? Yes. Sophia Loren is now 64 years old. You remember: two sons she gave birth to late. Recently, one of them asked: What is the secret of the unfading beauty of your mother? - She doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, besides incredibly disciplined person. Gets up at six in the morning, doing exercises. Then a long walk, ice-cold shower. And to nine in the morning it is ready for the future life. She likes to take care of yourself! "Sophie is not spinning, as I, at the plate. Does not run on the market. Stop in the office. Does not erase or takes away!" "you'll mind each of You. But our household chores is not a necessary exercise for the body. It's just inherent in human nature locomotor activity. No need to justify yourself home workload. You just need to take for their health. Otherwise further pressure surges, increased fatigue, irritability. Let's start with the basics And You have already purchased this "life goods"? You have not love itself? Then get the basics of female literacy. To start to love yourself such what You are. 't? Then you can use a technique called "Mirror". Left alone at home, stand completely naked in front of a large mirror. You will view themselves critically. But not to worry about it. Just to understand where he accumulated surpluses that need to be adjusted. And let's just agree: all problems with age, with domestic troubles You (temporarily!) threw. So, You impartial look in the mirror glass. No need to dream about the proportions participating in beauty contests. Each of us has its own unique charm, its body shape. And one should try to reveal your own individuality, and not gloss over it. We must understand that many of us overcome the complexes. We very carefully cultivated.

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