Coffee beans contain a carcinogen?

Coffee beans contain a carcinogen?Coffee beans contain a carcinogen? Barely had time American scientists to inform the world about what caffeine can protect against cancer, as German researchers have found more than thirty varieties of coffee substance acrylamide, which may contribute to the emergence of cancerous tumors in animals. "It has long been known that acrylamide is found in coffee beans," says the environmental editor of the German magazine Oeko-Test Hella Hansen (Hella Hansen, "We want to understand what amount of it falls into the Cup with coffee. On the other hand, the acrylamide is present in potato chips, water, bread and other products. In animals, this substance can cause cancer, but it is still unknown whether the same people. Doctors have long been studying coffee, trying to prove (or to disprove) that a decent drink has any relation to heart disease, infertility and even cancer. However, for example, the American society for research on cancer (American Cancer Society) announced that the results of a large number of studies to find a connection between coffee and cancer and failed. Earlier studies on the contrary, showed that coffee has a "antimutagenic" effect on the body. This means that drinking coffee can prevent DNA damage. As for acrylamide, the raw beans it is not: it only appears after these beans are roasted. Source:Membrana and Madlena.Ru.

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