Full men are more faithful in marriage

Full men are more faithful in marriageOverweight men are less likely to change their girlfriends life than men with normal or low weight. German researchers believe that this is not due to sexual inadequacy "fat people", and with their lower propensity to search for sexual adventures. Interviewing a thousand German men aged from 31 to 69 years, scientists have concluded that 23 percent of respondents with normal weight tend to "walk left", while among the more full of men this percentage was two times below 11. Among those whose weight was assessed as moderately high, "walkers" was 19 per cent. Men heavyweights less prone not only to cheating partners, but also to visit brothels or use the services of "call girls". While sexual activity is full of men did not differ from that of the more lightweight. Ananova (Russian text Mednovosti.ru).

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