Ancestors are guilty of diseases descendants

Ancestors are guilty of diseases descendantsThe ancestors of modern Scots are responsible for disease in their descendants. A new study has shown that the Scots contaminated soil dioxin. Now, the main source of dioxins (rich in chlorine compounds, years remaining in the soil) is the industry. But these substances are found in samples of Scottish soils of the nineteenth century, long before the advent of modern dirty industries. And the reason v heating peat, believe Andy Meharg and Kenneth Culham from the University of Aberdeen. In coastal areas the peat absorbs chlorine together with salt from sea water, part of it is released in the form of dioxins during combustion in the smoky hearth. Scientists have made a journey to a remote and long-abandoned settlement, and took there the samples of ash. The level of dioxins in samples coincided with the results obtained by burning peat in the laboratory. Peat for many centuries was the main fuel in the treeless areas of Scotland and Ireland. Scientists estimate that each year one family were burnt to 20 tons of this material. All Scotland was producing annually about two pounds of dioxin per year (now in the UK from the combustion of garbage annually emitted into the atmosphere 11 kg).

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