More than thousand prisoners in Russia is seriously ill

More than  thousand prisoners in Russia is seriously illMore than 400 thousand prisoners in Russia is seriously ill More than 400 thousand prisoners who are in the institutions of the criminal-Executive system of Russia, is seriously ill. As reported by the journalists the head of the penitentiary service of the Ministry of justice of Russia Vladimir Alanin, almost half of all persons held in places of deprivation of liberty. According to Century Alumina, 87 thousand people suffer from tuberculosis, 73 thousand sick addiction, 35 thousand cases of syphilis, about 30 thousand people with HIV. The head of the penitentiary service said that his Agency "is taking all possible steps to resolve the problems of the prisoners and convicts sick." Century Alanin also said that next year's budget provided funding for a solution to this issue, but the exact number is not called. As of 1 may 2002, the penitentiary system was kept almost 960 thousand people: 752 thousand convicts in correctional colonies, 197 thousand people in prisons and other facilities operating in the regime of remand centres and prisons. In correctional colonies contained 44.2 thousand sentenced women, with female colonies, there are 11 children's homes in which people live 497 children. and Madlena.Ru Medical care of prisoners and detainees provide 119 hospitals of different profile, as well as doctors or health centres in each institution. Specialized TB care is provided in 35 hospitals and 56 medical correctional institutions..

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