Snoring is a risk factor for stroke

Snoring is a risk factor for strokeSnoring is a risk factor for stroke Italian scientists have new evidence that snoring is a risk factor for stroke. The largest to date research "case-control" assessing the relationship between snoring and stroke, was presented at the national Congress of the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine in Perugia. Led by Professor Virgillio Gallai (Department of neurology University of Perugia) the study included 208 patients with stroke and the same number of healthy individuals from the control group. It turned out that in the first group snored 40.5% of the participants, and the second v only 29.8%. "Snoring is not just an unpleasant thing. It is a sleep disorder that increases an individual's risk of stroke. The relative risk from snoring during sleep people is 1.61," said Professor Gallai. He emphasized that the sleep apnea syndrome has met only in selected patients with stroke; the majority of patients only snored in his sleep. "Snoring decreases the flow of oxygen to the brain and thereby increases the risk of cerebral circulation. Therefore, the snoring should be treated," said the Italian Explorer. Source:

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