New treatment running melanoma

New treatment running melanomaScientists from the Cancer center and research Institute, Lee Moffit (USA) together with colleagues from the University of South Florida have a new method of treatment running melanoma - electroporation, helping the immune system to fight tumor cells. In this method of therapy using a small device on the skin sent electric pulses, opening the pores on the membrane of tumor cells, through which it is subjected molecules, in particular DNA plasmid containing the gene for interleukin-12. Started clinical trials was preceded by 6 years of experiments on mice. The researchers injected in the tumor DNA plasmids encoding stimulate the immune system gene. Then used electroporation. Received by such molecules helped the immune system to recognize tumor cells and attack them. 80% of rodent tumor disappeared and have not had anticipated during the whole time of the study (100 days). Moreover, when mice were injected melanoma cells, was their rejection. Pharmaceutical Bulletin FV.Bionika.Ru.

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