SARS may be more dangerous than AIDS

SARS may be more dangerous than AIDSOne of the leading scientists in the field of global epidemics warns that SARS can be much more dangerous than AIDS. Dr. Patrick Dixon, one of the leading experts on global epidemics, called on world governments to take all possible steps to prevent the spread of the threat of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Dixon argues that SARS can be much more dangerous than AIDS because it spreads very quickly. "It is worth remembering that AIDS in the last 15-20 years has caught about 80 million people. AIDS spreads slowly, so we can track its development and to plan a program of action, " said Dixon. - We already have an effective antiviral drugs that can prolong the life of the person. However, SARS is something else. We don't have much time. This is potentially much more serious epidemic than AIDS". A major concern, according to the doctor, cause isolated rural areas in China and around the world. "In a country like India, in which case even with minimal medical support is not the best way, the spread of the virus is simply enormous," says Dixon. Dixon also said that if the spread of the virus persists, then after 60 weeks SARS infected 1 billion people. The doctor urged world leaders to take this problem as a question of "national security," according to with reference to the Daily Record..

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