Vertigo is not always a symptom of disease

Vertigo is not always a symptom of diseaseSometimes dizziness occurs because of insufficient compensatory abilities of the body, for example, if dizzy from hunger or after giving blood. So decided scientists. In this case, keeps hot sweet tea or just to arrange a lunch break and eat. Often dizziness occurs in people with low blood pressure after a sudden change in body position, such as when rising from bed, and at high ambient temperatures. Sometimes my head starts to spin when travelling on the transport. This is the symptoms of the so-called motion sickness or vehicle motion. Doctors often consider such deviation "within normal limits" and are treated symptomatically - prescribed drugs for motion sickness and a special diet before and during the trip. However, often cuddling indicates possible problems in the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear, so it is better to go to the doctor and undergo a special examination.

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