Sexual addiction

Sexual addictionSexual addiction - increased sexual excitability; moderately characteristic of a certain age periods (pubertal sexual addiction, paradoxical sexual addiction in the initial phase of menopausal involution); strongly pronounced sexual addiction occurs when irritative or destructive neurological diencephalic lesions localization, some endocrine syndromes, mental illness (manic phase of manic-depressive psychosis, schizophrenia and others). Some varieties of hypersexuality (nymphomania in women and satires men) often due to endogenous mental illness: increased libido is determined by the dissonance between biological and psychological components of libido due to hypertrophy of the latter; excitement while subjective, is not accompanied by specific reactions of the genital organs (their vascularization, muscle tone, etc.,), orgasm difficult. The symptoms for. Characteristic of the period of youth hypersexuality excessive fixation of the mind on the sexual-erotic experiences and fantasies, accompanied by spontaneous erections and frequent wet dreams, generating some neuroticism, at the same time promotes the formation of conditioned reflex complexes sexual sphere, provides a normal course of sexual function in adulthood. Observed with this form of Masturbation has a clear surrogate-protective focus on getting rid of excessive sexual excitement. In contrast, nymphomania and satires often accompanied by psychotic symptoms, and Masturbation is perseverating-obsessive nature. Treatment. Puberty sexual addiction requires psycho-hygienic recommendations (mode, the intensification of labour and sport loads, correction of orientation), in some cases, medicines and physiotherapy treatment for removing obsrevations symptoms; menopausal forms may require medication (including hormonal) funds. Diencephalic and psychotic forms (including satires and nymphomania) require to establish the nature of the underlying disease and treatment in an appropriate hospital..

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