MassagesMassages Massage can be a local (private) and public. Massage techniques there is a great variety. From the original forms of massage later spawned several new options. The division of different types of massage conventionally, as a cosmetic, and segmental-reflex, and hardware, and self-massage can be used for therapeutic purposes. Now techniques are often combined. Moreover, we can say that every massage therapist even within the same technology works differently. In this art a good massage. Each of these species is subdivided into subspecies and has its own objectives. But whatever massage technique, if the wizard knows his stuff - you will get great pleasure. Massage is extremely beneficial effect on the physiological state of a person, has a kind of psychological effect, a positive effect on emotional state, as well as promotes relaxation and leisure. Massage has a positive effect on the human body, improving the function of muscles, joints, and nervous system. Acting by massage on the body surface, can reflex influence on the internal organs and the organism as a whole. Massage effect due to the interaction of several factors: the nature of massage techniques, their strength and duration. Slow, easy, rhythmic, soothing, fast, strong, irregular - is stimulating. When exposed to nerve receptors impulses reach the cerebral cortex, and then the transformed energy is sent to the organs and tissues. Changing the direction, force and duration of the massage effect can be activated gas exchange and oxygen consumption of the tissues. Massage is a powerful influence on the whole body and its individual systems. When there is no possibility to use the services of a massage therapist, you can spend a session of self-massage and personally get rid of the stress, relieve pain or tiredness. But, undoubtedly, it will never replace a professional massage..

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