dangerous new diseases in China have died already people

dangerous new diseases in China have died already  peopleA disease caused by swine Streptococcus, in China's Sichuan province died in total, 36 people. According to the Chinese Ministry of health, about 30 people are in critical condition. The total number of new cases of dangerous diseases in Sichuan is almost 200. The disease spread 170 settlements. Hospital until discharged only about 20 people. According to experts of the Sichuan center for the prevention of epidemics, the source of the disease was the bacterium pork streptococci, which is not normally dangerous to humans. Specialists the virologists have yet to find out why in this case, the infection by this bacteria has led to severe disease and death. Chinese authorities emphasize that so far not identified a single case of transmission of the virus from person to person, and therefore the threat of the epidemic there. Today, the Department of health of Hong Kong confirmed that since the spring of 2004 there were 11 registered cases of this disease. It is unclear whether they are related somehow with the outbreak of "swine flu" in Sichuan, because, according to the authorities of Hong Kong, local patients not traveled outside of this special administrative region. The first cases were reported in Sichuan province in late June. All the people affected have similar symptoms - fever, nausea, vomiting and skin rash. All the victims were from a previously unknown disease had contact with slaughtered domestic animals - pigs and sheep. The Interfax news Agency..

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