When you quit Smoking the risk of lung cancer is not reduced

 When you quit Smoking the risk of lung cancer is not reducedRecently, according to the American cancer society, among the victims of lung cancer grows, the percentage of former smokers. Although, strictly speaking, lung cancer is not the most common among smokers with diagnosed more often "nicotine addicts die from cardiovascular disease - that he most frightening fans podymet. The fact that death with lung cancer extremely painful, and the body dries up right in front of you - sometimes for years. Meanwhile, until recently, doctors had assured patients that quit Smoking as the risk of disease will immediately decrease. However, according to the latest data, it was nothing more than a beautiful legend. So say researchers who found that the rejection of his addiction does not affect the state of the human lung. I must say that over the last half century, when Smoking was acquired in the mass consciousness downright demonic traits, the percentage of smokers among Americans declined from 57% to 25%. Meanwhile, a growing proportion of non-smokers among patients is evidence of only one thing: more and more people just had time to throw, when he discovered the terrible diagnosis. Actually, about 87% of the patients present or past smokers. The chance is only those who managed to quit relatively early. And refused addiction smokers"veterans" still live on average 10 years less than those who never started. The research results are stirred and discussion about ways of treating smokers. Western physicians and their patients, and the fight for life and death. X-ray and imaging to help detect lung cancer, however, many medical organizations do not recommend abusing this diagnosis, because, first, it is expensive, and secondly, does not give absolute results. Meanwhile, cancer treatment, if possible absence in itself can be dangerous. However, the British Professor Claudia Henske declares that "checked algebra harmony" and found the exact threshold of justification of such studies. It turns out that it will not be worse for those who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day or managed to take 72 thousand cigarettes (3650 packs) for any period of time. However, Henske immediately found opponents, who believe that it is not proven in the control group, the results can hardly be considered objective. An interesting feature risen again "cancer hysteria" is that the direct impact it has had members of the media. More precisely, one of them, and by personal example. Popular presenter of the evening news on ABC Peter Jennings announced that they were ill with lung cancer. "Yes, I was a smoker," said the journalist, speaking, and he threw 20 years ago. YTPO.Ru.

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