Initiative harmful for health

Initiative harmful for healthAs you know, any initiative is punishable. And, it turns out, this rule applies not only in relation to the activity itself, but also to the consequences of this activity. So, researchers from Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) showed that active participation in the work of the humanitarian funds and other non-public organizations is one of the most effective ways to spoil your health. Surveying and interviewing more than 500 people working in various public organizations, scientists found that the proportion of people with particular health problems is higher among them than among withdrawn from social activities. Every tenth Respondent employee has stated that he is almost ready to give up their work because of medical problems. And, importantly, this phenomenon was most pronounced among young people, whereas people of retirement age endured charged troubles without any problems. The reasons for this, according to experts, is simple - in most cases socially useful activity fairly routine, requires a lot of time and effort and brings no visible effect or any benefits for the contractor. Accordingly, as soon as a person realizes that what they are actions we could not get him at least a moral satisfaction, his work becomes "mandatory" routine, which is a source of constant stress. "Every job should go to the benefit of man, said received data doctor Celia Richardson, one of the organizers of this study. "But for the fact that it does not become a source of problems, it must be properly organized. Unfortunately, social activities rarely are such that each participant had clearly defined tasks and saw the result of their work - hence its negative consequences.".

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