Exercises preparatory

Exercises preparatoryI. a Child is praying to the Buddha (Tong ZI BAI FO) Starting position: stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, the body is relaxed. Your palms pressed together to raise to the level of the chest, as in the Eastern greeting (Fig. 1). Hands should form with the chest small circle yuan. Open hands to yourself (from yourself - Fig. 2), the rotational movement on lower hands fingers down so that the brush touches the back side (Fig. 4). Continue rotation, opening his hand from himself, and then, locking them to return to the original position. Repeat 8 times. Fig. 1-5 Twist your hands in opposite direction, from yourself, 8 times. In the East it is the accepted form of greeting, respect for standing in front of you man. So pray to the Buddha. The figures show movement in the direction of" 1 2 3 4 5 Child praying to Buddha. The basic position. The first semantic level: standard physical exercise, developing joints of the hands, shoulder and elbow. The second semantic level: adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang in the body, because one half of our body belongs to Yin and the other Yang. If you relax the body and a few minutes to hold the folded palms of the hands so that the point Laogun were combined, then you can feel from one hand to another something moves, as if it does. Similar sensations, but less pronounced, arise from contact of the hands with the back. Distant analogy is the process of current flow, if the condenser ' + ' and '-'. The third semantic level: imagine yourself as a Buddha, expressing respect to the same Buddha in front of you. But you can mentally refer to any God, of which you say, or just for the distinguished man. But will definitely feel this state within itself, coming from the heart. When relaxing your body, you can feel simultaneously with the rotation of the arms rotates all. II. Hand of Buddha contemplating images (FO SHOU GUAN XIANG) Starting position: same. Slowly raise your arms to shoulder level, palms down. (Fig. 1,2) Slowly move the hands forward, concentrating on the palms, and then splitting them apart. Body when this bit is available for hands (Fig. 3,4). Repeat 8 times. Turn the hands with the palms upwards (Fig. 5). To repeat 8 times (Fig. 5,6). Spreading his arms in hand last time, turn the hands with the palms down and slowly lower the arms across the body. Fig. 1-3 Fig. 4-6 Hand of Buddha contemplating the images. The basic position. The first semantic level: first of all, it is a physical exercise that will reveal the average spine on the canal Du-Mai. There are areas where the points appear particularly difficult. These three zones. Usually they are called the "three gates", sometimes "three gates". First post (when counting from bottom up) - Vayle, sometimes called Value. It is located in the tailbone and point Cancan and translates as "tailbone". The second Outpost called Zsazsa or Lulu (translated as "water wheel"). It is located behind the heart in the vicinity of point Linton ("gate of life", "spiritual castle").

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