Viagra is not a luxury but a vital necessity pensioner

 Viagra is not a luxury but a vital necessity pensionerIn accordance with the decision of the court of appeals of the city of Munich, the German authorities shall indemnify German retiree costs "Viagra". Former civil servant managed to convince judges that the drug to increase potency v, not a luxury, but a vital necessity. Former white collar, suffering from diabetes and are experiencing some difficulties with erection, asked the state to pay his expenses on expensive medicine. (According to statistics, 98% of men with this disease experience some difficulties in private life). In his statement, pensioner emphasized that the laws of Germany guarantee a former state employee total compensation of expenses for purchase of medicines and payment procedures that are necessary to maintain the health and vitality of the body. However, in the case of "Viagra", the officials found that "indecent drug" is a whim and indulgence of the pensioner. During the hearings in the court of the old German was able to convince the judges, referring to the documents of the world health organization that sexual activity is a necessity and an essential human right. РњIGNews.

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