Caffeine against skin cancer

Caffeine against skin cancerCaffeine against skin cancer The researchers found that caffeine reduces the risk of skin cancer twice when applying it on the skin. The results of the experiment on laboratory mice showed that body lotions containing caffeine protects the skin from harmful UV rays. American researchers have conducted experiments on 90 mice that twice a day for 20 days were exposed to radiation. Dr. Alan Horses from Rutgers University (new Jersey) suggested that caffeine and substance infused with green tea, EGCG, has been very effective means of combating skin diseases. The results of the experiment on mice showed that the number of cancer cells decreased to 72% in the treatment of caffeine, and to 66% in the treatment of EGCG. Unlike sunscreens that protect the skin from UV rays, caffeine acts already on the affected cells! The sun's rays can cause genetic changes that lead to skin cancer. Caffeine blocks the process and leads to self-destruction of cancer cells, which prevents their further growth. Bush Eva Source: ROL.

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