Complex resuscitation of newborns KRM-

Complex resuscitation of newborns KRM-The system is designed to create conditions for effective measures to restore vital functions in infants who are in a terminal condition or clinical death, as well as heating of the bed, on which is placed the newborn (removable table device, crib, changing table, etc.,) in terms of maternity homes and clinics. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow The complex includes: TABLE NEONATAL (SN-01M) THE HEATING DEVICE BED (LOI-01M) Each device is equipped: An infrared emitter, which ensures uniform heat distribution over the surface of the bed Remote control and temperature sensor, ensuring the maintenance of the set temperature mode mattress bed with established flexible heater, powered safe voltage of 6 V, creating surface temperatures on the bed (5 2)'C above the ambient temperature, regardless of the position of the controls on the remote. Both devices are easy to move across the floor space on four wheels, two of which have brakes. The complex is equipped with audio-visual alarm system that is triggered when any abnormal situation that resulted in the release of any complex parameters for the specified limits: the deviation of the set temperature by more than 1'C the temperature rise more than 39.5'C open circuit temperature sensor disconnect the power supply to the failure of infrared radiation the mismatch indicator given temperature over 0.5 hour. Upon request of the buyer, the system can be equipped with automatic and manual ventilator, syringe pump dispenser for the influence of drugs, pneumatisation. Specifications the regulation limits the surface temperature of the bed from the source of external heat, 'C 38 34.. the caster angle of the bed of the table from 0' to 15' the accuracy of the automatic support surface temperature of the bed in the Central part, 'C /-/-1 the distance from the plane of the bed of the table to the source of heat, 880 mm /-10 power from the AC power supply, V/Hz 220/50 power consumption, W, not more than 900 overall dimensions, mm: SN-01M HH LOI-01M HH weight, kg: SN-01M, not more than 120 LOI-01M, not more than 60.

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