Antibiotics cause breast cancer

Antibiotics cause breast cancerWith frequent use of antibiotics, the risk of developing breast cancer is doubled, reports Reuters. This is the conclusion of researchers at the University of Washington. In the study, the report of which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, examined the medical histories of more than 10 thousand women. Neither of them offered to take antibiotics unnecessarily, but only followed the prescriptions for 17 years. Among women over this period took antibiotics for more than 500 days is more than 25 courses of treatment, the incidence of breast cancer was at least two times higher than among women who were not taking antibiotics at all. Women who are less than 25 courses of antibiotic therapy, had cancer in one and a half times more often. In addition, women who took antibiotics, cancer often failed to cure, and he became the cause of death. The researchers note that their results are not saying that you should abandon antibiotics in emergency situations. Most importantly, in their opinion, to conduct additional research, and to understand the mechanisms that link the use of antibiotics and the emergence of cancer..

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