Scientists have developed a way of reading thoughts

Scientists have developed a way of reading thoughtsUsing brain scanners, researchers found that people extract from the bottom of remembering old memories, reproducing the actions for which associated images were laid out in memory. Keeping track of which parts of the brain "highlight" when the person recovers something in memory, neuroscientists could predict what he will think twice before he could speak. Someday it will be able to help people with memory disorders, for example, suffering from Alzheimer's disease. "We were able to see how thoughts come to the surface," said one of the participants in the study. When people remembered the Taj Mahal, their brains showed the same pattern of activity as when they first showed the picture. When they started to think about the place and about the subject or celebrities, researchers observed increased activity in other areas of the brain, before man had learned memory. Individual differences in brain activity can give some idea about the process of creating associations. For people who find it difficult to restore something in memory, this study can help to find ways to cope with the problem. "Understanding how people recover in the memory of the past, we hope to understand where disturbed this process in people with Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders". As for the scattered and forgetful people, scientists say that the study will help them to better control their thoughts. The Guardian (Russian text

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