Record the number of deaths from overwork at work

Record the number of deaths from overwork at workRecord the number of deaths from overwork at work In Japan recorded a record number of deaths from "fatigue at work". According to the data released today by the Ministry of health and labour, in the last financial year (ended 31 March) stress and excessive fatigue in the workplace cost the lives of 143 Japanese. Compared with the previous year, current increased by almost 70% and became the dark for 15 years of doing such statistics. Experts, meanwhile, anxiously forecast its further growth. According to psychologists, this is due to the fact that Japanese companies are gradually break the traditional system of lifetime employment, preferring Western models when the size of the wage does not depend on "seniority" and the specific merit. Fearing to be on the street, people, state specialists, screaming. As a result, over the past year from overwork died 133 men and 10 women, with the majority was not yet sixty years old. More than 30 died voluntarily. In December last year, the Ministry approved the new criteria, based on which the cause of death can be considered "professional" overload. Before you make this decision carefully studied the conditions in which the victim worked the last six months earlier, this period was only a week before his death. It is especially dangerous, experts say, if during the month of overtime at work to reach a hundred hours or more. Source:ITAR-TASS and Madlena.Ru.

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