Sex parties HIV-infected gay men dangerous disease

Sex parties HIV-infected gay men dangerous diseaseParties arranged HIV-infected gay men for sex, can pose a threat to health. Unprotected sex leads to the spread of not only HIV, but also other diseases. This is evidenced by the results of the research group of scientists of the National Institute for development and research in new York, headed by Dr. Michael Lettsom. In a survey of 115 men in 2003, scientists discovered that at these parties sexually transmitted these types of diseases that are not treatable. On their study, the researchers reported in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections - sexually transmitted Diseases". "POS-party" (in honor of log POS HIV-positive HIV-positive) - orgies where practiced unprotected sex, often with multiple partners. The craze for these gatherings began in new York in the mid 1990-X. The argument in favor of such parties is that they are present exclusively in HIV-infected men, and contacts among the already infected groups of people help to contain the spread of the virus. This logic, however, is deceptive, say the researchers. The Times (Russian text

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