By will live for five thousand years

By  will live for five thousand yearsBy 2100, the life expectancy in developed countries can reach five thousand years. This was stated by the Spanish newspaper Mundo in Madrid geneticist at Cambridge University (UK) Aubrey de grey. English scientist, with a doctorate degree and leading the SENS program (an abbreviation of the name of the Strategy for achieving zero-aging"), stated that his research is a fundamentally new character, taking into account the latest achievements of genetics. According to de grey, now scientists are seeking to slow down the process of aging by reducing the harmful effects on a variety of factors. Gray and his team are exploring opportunities to the maximum extent possible to eliminate the effect of these factors on human health from an early age. If scientists will be able to eliminate the causes of aging, by the year 2100, the life expectancy of people theoretically should be from one to five thousand years, says geneticist. While such a goal is not achieved, Aubrey de grey gives this advice to wish for as long as possible to stay young: "Eat and live for pleasure - as you were taught mom, but try not to get into accidents and disasters. Although it's very boring, but it is much more effective than all the tablets that you will accept. RIA "Novosti"".

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