Source influenza ducks and pigs

Source influenza ducks and pigsThe flu got people from pigs infected with avian influenza from ducks. In recent years, cases of human infection with the disease, which usually suffer the animals became more frequent: animals began to carry viruses, bacteria and parasites more often than before. It is not known when and why, but the pathogens mutate and become dangerous to humans. For example, in ancient times, the influenza virus was given to man from waterfowl, most likely, ducks. Moreover, an intermediary in the transmission of the virus from birds to mammals became pigs. The infection of humans mutated by the virus, most likely happened when the man ate the flesh of swine, diseased bird flu from domestic ducks. Similar processes occur in nature and to this day, causing high variability of the virus. Now the flu each year, sick 5-15% of the population of the globe. According to the world Health Organization, it is the cause of death 250-500 thousand people annually. Experts of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) believe that this is only the beginning of a long road: in the near future, new diseases may occur more frequently and cause even more damage. Because of globalisation, environmental degradation close contacts between humans and various animal species occur much more often than before. In particular, many of the animals who had never lived with a man, Domashnyaya. Exotic animals, for example, from Asia become part of the menu of a person living, for example, in Europe. Climate change leads to changes in the habitats of migratory birds and insects (especially mosquitoes) - they carry pathogens over long distances. Changing the habitat of humans and animals also changes and the mechanisms of action of agents of different diseases..

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