So he disappeared, my excess weight!

So he disappeared, my excess weight!So he disappeared, my excess weight! In spring, usually while one part of the female population of the country falling under the standard 90-60-90, carefully studying the spring-summer collection of clothes, another no less closely examines the announcement of "urgent", "fast" and "long-term" weight loss. Because soon have to throw coats and jackets! Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, the organizers of the sessions purification, the owners Shapingba and gyms are rubbing their hands. Summer's eve - it's their time. Rather than this time turns for the Amazons fighting extra pounds? The short life of the fast diets Just say the short-term (1-3 weeks) diets, have gone through, probably everyone who has ever tried to lose weight. Episodic and usually very strict dietary restrictions and the effect is short-lived. If you take no measures to maintain the achieved weight, in 95 out of 100 people dropped weight will return the rebound after 4-6 months, but still "friends" with a lead. The reason is simple: a survival mechanism we programmed at the genetic level. In order not to die of hunger, our body with a sharp decrease of calorie intake from food enters the save mode. And if after the severe dieting start eating again, as before, all those calories with the fury begin to be disposed in the subcutaneous fat in reserve for a rainy day. Moreover, in quantities larger than before (and suddenly again hunger strike?). But the week on "bread and water" is, among other things, a lot of stress, and to hold from this stress "to seize", destroying everything from the shelves of the refrigerator, very few people are capable of. And finally, remember that every "emergency" weight loss get rid of newly recruited weight will be heavier. Change the stereotype of power If You have never been an athlete, going to the gym You will certainly strengthen, but from the extra pounds will not save. Especially if your usual style is not changed. All nutritionists agree on one thing: the reason for the accumulation of excess weight (in the absence of severe endocrine disorders) elementary: You get eating more calories than you spend. To lose weight, it is necessary that the ratio of the change. To rely only on increasing physical activity is not worth it. After class, he is unwittingly eats more than usual. So if you do not be reviewed in this diet, the weight will hardly be reduced. We need to understand the most important thing: if You are overweight or obese, You have come to this because of his lifestyle. Of course, there is also individual for each ability oxidation (burning) of fatty tissue. Someone this process is slower, it means that he will have to limit itself with regard to fatty foods more than others. But actually all again rests not in genetics, as in the stereotype of the power family, habits and way of cooking - they are inherited. Therefore, if You really want to come back to normal, you should change this stereotype. And not on time, but forever. If you succeeded, hard physical exertion can be replaced by a more "peaceful" ways - slow rhythmic walking and Hiking. First, by the way, is considered a leader among exercises: female, weighing 63 kg, half an hour of slow walking burns 324 calories. Those who prefer a pool or tennis court, should know that a half-hour swimming organism will spend 270 calories, and a half hour running around the court - only 207. Be cleaned is vulgar Newfangled "cleansing" of the body today, you can get dearly and cheaper, with comfort and without. But essentially it's all the same violent change of the habitual diet. Managed people to stay on green tea and salads - well done. No - again for cleaning. Is it reasonable? Here everyone is the master of their own health. - The concept of "cleansing" vulgar, - says head of the laboratory of pathophysiology, Center of Coloproctology health Ministry Albina stub. - Cleaned where dirty. The organism of the person cleans itself all day: work of the kidneys, liver, colon, skin, lungs. You can only talk about normalization of metabolic processes, but the methods suggest just savage. Enemas at all unnatural for the body and is justified only for medical reasons (before examination or after a major surgery, when the patient has no chair). The "drummers" that do enemas several times a week, does not become healthier. In the future, this is absolutely "saposnik" with a complete lack of useful intestinal microflora. And quite enema is contraindicated for people with tumors or inflammatory diseases of the rectum and suffering from hemorrhoids. A Cup of coffee for 100 bucks Well, that's got to miraculous tropical (Indian, Indian, energy, anti-aging, etc.), biologically active food additives. What's in them, in addition to a laxative effect, it is possible to give away your money? The word - candidate of biological Sciences, head of Department of traditional healing systems of the National Institute of health (St. Petersburg) Rindu Mingaleev: Appetite appears in person when the sugar content, the main "fuel" for the cells, in the blood drops. To raise it, something ate. But then the excess carbohydrates can pass into body fat. Actually, the whole struggle with excess weight is to raise the glucose level at least for a while, to satisfy the appetite without food, that is, intake of excess calories. This is possible if use is already in the organism stocks of sugar (glycogen), which is broken down in the liver and in the muscles. To run this process can, for example, adrenaline. Remember that after a strong fear appetite for time lost.

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