Records of TB patients

Records of TB patientsHow are counted TB patients? All persons registered in the district TB coordinator, shall be divided into 7 groups. Group zero - differential-diagnostic. To exclude tuberculosis patients in this group there are 6-8 months. The role of public health nurse service of this group is the timely bringing them to the clinic for examination (within 3-7 days after notification of newly diagnosed patient). I group consists of patients with clinically active processes of various prevalence, often accompanied by bellovedere, and is divided into 2 subgroups: subgroup "A" - it is composed of patients first diagnosed with tuberculous process, escalation process or recurrent disease after previously conducted effective treatment; subgroup "B" in her patients, which as a result of incomplete or ineffective treatment formed of chronic tuberculous process. For the sick should be organized constant observation in the clinic and at home on a pre-designed plan, taking into account individual characteristics of a process, material living conditions, industrial and social environment. Apply all types of modern treatment, including surgery. Monitoring of antibiotic therapy in the home, involvement in treatment in the dispensary assigned to the district nurse who is responsible for this work. Patients in this group should visit the clinic at least 1 time per month. P the group is formed of patients transferred from group I in connection with the remission of active respiratory TB. The possibility of exacerbation of the process they are not excluded. In this regard, careful, systematic observation of TB and timely involvement in the clinic of the patient, which is the responsibility of the public health nurse. In the clinic the patient is held 2 times a year 2-3-monthly preventive courses of antibiotic treatment in combination with General-reinforcing instruments and vitamins. Monitoring treatment of patients carries a district nurse. Frequency of visit to the clinic patients in this group - 1 times in 3 months, in the period of preventive courses - at least 2 times per month. Group III consists of people with inactive tuberculosis of respiratory organs, translated from the I and P groups to monitor the durability of the recovery. Treatment and preventive measures are to conduct restorative procedures, anti-2-month course of treatment 1-2 times per year, improvement in health centers and dispensaries. Frequency of visit to the clinic - 1 times in 6 months. Group IV - "contacts". It includes individuals, free from tuberculosis, who are in close and regular communication with patients with infectious forms of TB regardless of bacillaceae. Contact can be: 1) close household (family), the contact in the room in the hostel; 2) the housing; 3) production enterprises, as well as the contact on the nature of the work (staff of TB institutions). Frequency of visit to the clinic "contacts" - 1 time in 6 months. The observation in this group continues during the entire period of contact with baculoviridae. After the death or departure of baculoviruses, contacts> there are another 2 years. Group V - extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Depending on the process phase V group is divided into VA (corresponding to group I), VB (corresponding to group II). Group VI - positive TB was introduced for children and adolescents who have been diagnosed turn tuberculin tests or have giperergicakie reaction to tuberculin. They spend chemoprophylaxis in combination with restorative activities for a period of not less than 3-4 months, paying great attention to the diet. VII group - a group of individuals with a high risk of TB relapse or disease for them. These patients have large residual changes in the lungs. This group consists of individuals who have been registered for the first time, but also have large changes in the lungs (pneumosclerosis, cirrhosis). In this group are General recreation activities aimed at improving the body's resistance to tuberculosis, and with the appearance of the factors contributing to the weakening of the body's resistance, it is necessary to conduct courses chemoprophylaxis. Frequency of clinic visits 1 time per year..

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