the Cause of poisoning of children in Volgograd installed

 the Cause of poisoning of children in Volgograd installedLast Friday 120 teenagers were taken to hospital with suspected salmonellosis - the diagnosis was confirmed, but bacteriological studies are underway. Now you need to establish who is infected children. According to one version, the cook Lyceum week and a half ago was ill with salmonellosis, but all this time he continued to work. On the other - the day before the outbreak of the children were vaccinated. The Prosecutor's office seized capsules with the medicine, and the investigation continues. And that's how today's medical evaluate the health status of children. Vladimir Levshin, head. intestinal branch of Volgograd hospital for infectious diseases: "today, the children can be described as stable, relatively satisfactory. New arrivals are already there, already there. That is, in principle, this flash, it was localized". "First channel"".

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