Marijuana will be sold in pharmacies on prescription

Marijuana will be sold in pharmacies on prescriptionMarijuana will be sold in pharmacies on prescription In the UK early next year drugs with marijuana will be sold on prescription. According to Reuters, this will be done after completion of clinical trials of drugs with marijuana. Experts from the company GW Pharmaceuticals has today published the preliminary results of these studies. They testify that the drugs with cannabis help multiple sclerosis without side effects. According to Reuters, these drugs spryskivaetsya under the tongue. GW Pharmaceuticals to grow their research 40 thousand bushes of marijuana per year in undisclosed location in one of the suburbs of the British Kingdom. Now the company is waiting for approval from the organization for control of drugs (Medicine Control Agency). The company is also considering the possibility of using drugs with marijuana for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. At the present time will continue to test drugs with marijuana, to be sure, as they help to cope with pain in cancer, injury to the brachial plexus and General pain associated with multiple sclerosis. The British government has confirmed that they are ready to change the list of medications that are allowed to write to the doctors. As expected, Europe and Canada will follow the example of great Britain, lighting the green light to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Source:

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