Astrological pharmacy ( Fish)

Astrological pharmacy ( Fish)Astrological pharmacy ( Fish) Fish in your diet representatives of this zodiac sign should be: Bukovica, Colchicum autumn. Plants with huge untapped potential to build a stronger and healthier body. The latter has in addition antioncological action. In folk medicine Colchicum perfect remedy for gout, which affects many Fish (especially the feet). In addition, the bulb of this plant has a diuretic effect. Strawberries - the healing properties of this plant Fish is well known. Tea from disrupted during flowering leaves, has tonic and good tonic effect. And the heart will strengthen You with digitalis. Data astrological recommendations are not binding, and only send. If your kind of the disease is such that it is necessary to apply the medicinal plants are not your character, try it. Preferably, making the choice to stay on You related signs and owned plants. The air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - alone signs of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - other. Can be used to treat the same medical plants of the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, but they better not be cured by herbs signs of water: Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Taurus, as already mentioned, suitable plants Libra, Virgo - Gemini, Capricorn - Aquarius. Aries may use plants Scorpio, but avoid herbal treatments Libra, Gemini is unlikely to fit "jupiterians" plants are the opposite of the sign of Sagittarius, and Vice versa. Cancers is not necessary to stop the choice on plants of Capricorn, the Lions of Aquarius. Violation of astrological recommendations specific harm can be, and will not bring, but use of the "strangers" You plants will be a little. Source:.

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