To get nicotine dependence, one tightening

To get nicotine dependence, one tighteningTo get nicotine dependence, one tightening Teen 12-13 years once is enough to drag on the cigarette to get nicotine dependence. To such conclusion experts of Massachusetts medical school. They also note that 32 percent of people who started Smoking in their Teens die in his younger years, as a result of diseases that have arisen precisely from the area. The study, which allowed to make such dire conclusions, covered 679 teenagers, half of whom were smokers, half v no. An adult may assume that deprived of nicotine addiction up until he started to smoke, began to smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day. As for children, they are only two cigarettes a day. And some even one puff. Source:Reuters and Madlena.Ru.

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