Tired eyes

Tired eyesTired eyes *174r*Child complains of pain in the eyes, often blinks, shuns the light, his eyesight deteriorates and all floats before my eyes. Eyes - some of the "gate" to enter information about the surrounding world. They work as much as working man, relax a bit - only in a dream. If we consider the eye from the point of view of optics and physics, it is arranged as movable optical system, for example a camera. When we photograph, for guidance on the sharpness move the lens back and forth. And a lens supported by the muscles inside the eye moves back and forth, focusing the image on the retina. If you frequently change the focal length, or when a person stares at the details of the remote object, the muscles of the eye, "guiding image "sharpness", very tired. Sometimes they lose their ability to respond to change focal length. In response to an overload occurs the muscle spasm, or spasm of accommodation, as expressed by the doctors. This is what many call the "eye fatigue". What can you do? What should be the prevention? When reading the distance from the face to the book - not less than 30 cm Pages should be lit from above and to the left. If You are long, take breaks from three to five minutes. Revered - look in the window. Help simple exercises for the muscles of the eye: Starting position - sitting. Shut your eyes tight for 3-5 seconds and then open them for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times. Starting position - sitting. Quickly be sure to blink eyes for 1-2 minutes. Starting position - standing. Look straight ahead 2-3 seconds, then place a finger on the distance of 25-30 cm from the eye and the gaze on the tip of your finger. Look at it for 3-5 seconds, then lower your arm. Repeat 10-12 times. (Can be done without removing the glasses.) Starting position - sitting. Close your eyelids and gently massage them in a circular motion with fingers for one minute. Starting position - sitting. Three fingers of each hand is easy to press on the upper eyelid, two seconds later, remove the fingers from the century. Repeat 3-4 times. All these exercises help improve blood circulation of eyes, facilitate visual work at a short distance, relieve eye fatigue, improve circulation of intraocular fluid. One of the main sources of stress for the eyes - TV. And here you must observe the "safety". When watching TV during the day is desirable to darken the room, and in the evening, on the contrary, to turn on the light side or rear seat. The distance to the TV should be five times greater than the diagonal of the screen. Younger students can watch TV no more hours in the day, senior - 1.5 hours. No less important is the condition of conservation of view on proper nutrition. Food must be rich in vitamin A. It is usually stewed carrots, carrot salad, but always with sour cream or butter, because vitamin a is fat-soluble. Must be present in the diet of cabbage, onion, dill, various salads, vinaigrette. With prolonged use of the computer must be sure that for every hour of work accounted for at least 15 minutes of rest. In addition, the monitor must be a shield, protecting the eyes from radiation. If you or your child still appeared itchy eyes, redness of the eyelids or proteins, photophobia, pain in the eyes - immediately contact the clinic to the optometrist. Source:.

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