who are no longer hiring smokers

who are no longer hiring smokersIn tobacco control the world health organization (who) has taken a tough stance. She became the first organization of the United Nations, which decided not to take myself to the work of smokers. The who representative of Fadel Hib confirmed this information. This measure should contribute to strengthening the credibility of the organization, she began to act on December 1. Since that day, announcements will be accompanied by a note that who is the place, smoke-free, and therefore people consuming tobacco in any form", there can not work. Candidates for the vacant position will be to ask whether they smoke and, if so, whether they intend to give up this habit in the case of providing them with work in who. If they agree to quit, they are entered into the list of candidates. Innovation will not affect employees already working in the organization, said Haib. This rule will apply only to employed since 1 December. Those who will be caught with a cigarette, the contract will be terminated. Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Russian text Inopressa.Ru).

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