Terrible disease killed in Canada hundreds of people

Terrible disease killed in Canada hundreds of peopleFound a bacterium that killed about one hundred patients for 18 months in one hospital the canadian city of Quebec. According to the expert on infectious diseases, possible outbreaks of these diseases throughout the country. Dr. Jacques Pepin says that cases of infection by the bacterium Clostridium hospital neighborhood has increased significantly. And more often because this bacterium ill patients older than 65 years. Researchers from the University neighborhood decided to view reports about patients who had died over the past few years. And came to the conclusion that many of them died from this infection, and that many were treated for the same disease, and they died from others. Clostridium is a kind of garden of bacteria that can not bring harm to healthy people. But those who are treated with antibiotics, such as pneumonia, the bacteria may be harmful, because the antibiotics kill "good" bacteria and thus reducing the possibility of development. Then he starts to stand out toxin, due to which there are signs of infection. The most obvious symptom is diarrhea. Because of her patients lose too much fluid, plummeting blood pressure and the person dies. Due to poor funding of canadian hospitals, it is impossible to make the necessary capital repairs of buildings. Pepin says that in some hospitals in 40 patients account for only 1-2 bathrooms. Thus, the sanitary conditions become unbearable. And cases of infection of patients with infection increases. He also claims that from the bacteria Clostridium in Canada has killed more people than atypical pneumonia. Dr. Andrew Seymour from R & Wellness centre, Sunnybrook says that soon there will be studies to understand why there is an outbreak of infection in the country and how to prevent its further spread. Researchers are not yet able to create a vaccine that would fight bacteria. The best way to prevent disease while still maintaining cleanliness, use of gloves and gowns personnel, and strict controls regarding the use of antibiotics. РњIGnews.com.ua.

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