Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint

Dislocation of the temporomandibular jointDISLOCATION of the TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT - the offset of the articular head of the mandible. Etiology. A strong opening of the mouth (when eating, crying, yawning, when interventions - tooth removal, gastric intubation, intubation etc), trauma. The pathogenesis is associated with stretching or rupture of the joint capsule. Is set to the inherent weakness of ligaments. There are dislocations full and partial (subluxation) front, rear, unilateral and bilateral. Typical anterior luxation, characterized by pain, inability to close the mouth, difficulty speaking, salivation. With bilateral dislocation of the mouth is opened widely, with unilateral chin shifted to the healthy side. During palpation revealed the articular head ahead of the articular tubercle. In the back of the head dislocation is posterior to the glenoid fossa. Treatment. Mayhem set singing anesthesia patient is in sitting position. Doctor standing with your thumbs wrapped gauze napkins, presses on the bottom painters and without sudden movements pulls the lower jaw down. Joint head in position below the articular tubercles are installed in the articular fossa. Set the lower jaw is fixed previdni bandage for 2 weeks. Habitual dislocation treat orthopedic. The forecast is favorable. Prevention consists in fixing the chin in interventions..

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