The problem of the "establishment" of neurons solved

The problem of the The problem of the "establishment" of neurons solved American scientists have managed to develop one of the first practical applications of embryonic stem cells. In experiments on laboratory animals they picked up the conditions under which you entered in the brain and spinal cord cells are transformed into neurons and restore existing damage to the nervous tissue. Previous studies devoted to this problem, do not give the desired result - most implanted in neural tissue stem cells were killed. To circumvent this obstacle, scientists from the University of Texas had to develop a special multi-component product, which consisted of several growth factors nerve tissue. As shown by studies conducted on laboratory rats after treatment with this drug was put into brain stem cells much more efficiently transformed into Mature neurons, and it is of the type which dominated in the implant area. "Treatment of stem cells with growth factors, transforming them into some plastic structure, which had a higher potential to transform the original cell culture, - said the head of research Professor Ping Wu. - The problem of "survival rate" of neurons solved. Now we must determine how quickly and accurately is the formation of new links cells with other elements of the nervous tissue and target organs, such as muscles. Only then can we talk about the possibility of applying this method for the treatment of patients". Source: Details.

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