These useful habits

These useful habitsJust five years ago the list of bad habits was extremely narrow - Smoking and alcohol - what was considered the thing that urgently need to get rid of, so that, according to popular wisdom, not to work on tablets. However, the development of civilization and the desire to live longer, without losing quality of life, has led to the fact that there is a real cult healthy lifestyle, the following of which implied the rejection of a register of the sweet pleasures. Anathema were brought and products, and household habits, laziness, love of gossip and discussion of other negative emotions, as well as reading entertainment magazines and evening vigil in front of the TV instead of sports or artistic modeling. But time will put everything in its place: it turned out that all of the above is not harmful food and empty pastime. The secret lies in what to indulge in "vices" to the knowledge of the case. Then instead of harm will be a solid use... In pursuit of the ideals of humanity was sent to the dustbin of history a lot of what is in fact extremely important for the harmonious existence of the individual. Let's start with the eternal values - with chocolate . Long time chocolate was and obesity, and tooth decay and many more things. Now the situation is diametrically opposite. According to estimates nutritionists who regularly eats bitter dark chocolate (dairy varieties harmful because of the high sugar content), less aches cardiovascular disease, because chocolate contains substances prevent the formation of blood clots, excess production of cholesterol, but also consumes a natural antidepressant. It turned out that chocolate contains similar alkaloids hemp. Now a few words about coffee . Recently published studies that show that the adherents of this drink is much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, type II diabetes, and obesity. The main thing to remember is that each person has individual rate, but on average, the doctors advise to drink more than three cups a day. And also, do not drink coffee with sugar and sweets - sweets or cakes, then no calories caffeine will not help. If just yesterday the main beach were carbohydrates, now all turned to fat . Nuts, cheese, animal oils, despite the high calorie, perform important functions: fat is essential for normal functioning of the digestive system, for example, to lubricate the digestive tract, prevent the harmful effects of toxins, for normal absorption of vitamins, such as vitamin A. in Addition, a reasonable intake of fats is an excellent prevention of several diseases, such as atherosclerosis. Oh and don't forget about the fact that at the cellular level, the fat is not only energy, but also the building material for cells. And for the prevention of dental caries it is enough to add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in the salad, which perfectly neutralizes acidic environment, Deplete calcium teeth. Fast food fast food strife. For example, consumption of pizza is the prevention of cancer (cancer of the esophagus, stomach, mouth and rectum), due to the high content of lycopene, which is rich in ketchup. Good news for those who are not against a drink of wine, beer or something stronger. Still a reasonable consumption of alcohol is the prevention of coronary heart disease. Again the main thing is the sense of proportion, in addition, nutritionists advise to prefer cocktails on the basis of natural juices. Now, when harmful eating habits turned into useful, it's time to talk about a different aspect of the issue. So, emotional incontinence now is not the way to neurosis, and the ability to extend life by reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, now men need to learn to cry, because tears are released from organism, the so-called stress hormones. Excessive curiosity and passion to the discussion other is a way to increase the level of serotonin in the blood, a hormone which makes us happy. You can protect yourself so that instead of gossiping about friends, is to switch to celebrities and public figures, thereby reducing personal conflicts to a minimum. By the way, for women curiosity is a natural need to keep your brain in functioning condition, because they have more gray matter and neural connections that require to process information more detail. If, instead of Jogging, You choose a sofa and a magazine, it does not always make sense to reproach himself for laziness . Sometimes the body needs a recovery period after exercise, and basic needs to relax. However, if the way your life is strictly sofa, it makes sense to think about the fact that sometimes laziness is just laziness. The main conclusion that can be made, based on the latest research dietitians, and social psychologists that in life there is a place for everything, and the proper dosage can tell the poison from the true medication. The author of the original text: Alexey Elders (NewsInfo.Ru).

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