Pomegranate juice will protect from heart attack

Pomegranate juice will protect from heart attackThe pomegranate juice polyphenols attenuate lipid peroxidation of the plasma, the formation of foam cells and atherosclerotic plaques. Dr. Filomena de Nigris and her colleagues at the University of Naples (Italy) is first subjected to a culture of human endothelial cells, taken from the coronary arteries, the effects of intense stress stress (shear stress) in vitro, adding concentrate pomegranate juice. This resulted in reduced activation of redox-sensitive type genes ELK-1 and p-JUN and increased expression of endothelial NO synthase (eNOS). The authors then added pomegranate juice in drinking water, which was given to laboratory mice with hypercholesterolemia before and after the development of atherosclerosis. It turned out that the mice that drank at least 31 Ојl of juice a day, the area of the plaques and the formation of foam cells was decreased by approximately 20%, compared with animals treated water without adding juice. In addition, in the group treated with pomegranate juice were significantly lower activity of lipid peroxidation of the plasma (as measured by the level of isoprostane plasma) and the content of specific "oxidative" epitopes. "Long-term use of pomegranate juice can prevent the progression of atherosclerosis by increasing eNOS activity and suppression of a redox-sensitive transcription factors," concluded the researchers. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2005;102:4896-901. Cardiosite.ru.

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