Sweets turned out to be more dangerous than cholesterol

Sweets turned out to be more dangerous than cholesterolOne of the factors contributing to the rapid spread of overweight and obesity is too much consumption of sugar and sugary foods. This conclusion was made by experts who participated in was held in Oslo who Ministerial conference on the problem of nutrition and overweight. According to experts, it is the high sugar content in modern foods is a key factor in making them "unhealthy". "From the point of view of the organism sugar significantly more dangerous than even saturated fats and cholesterol, which for some reason are considered the main source of all our troubles," said Dr. Kaare, Norum, head expert of the who Commission on the issue of healthy eating. Man, limiting the consumption of sweets, will never respondeat and will not develop obesity. But, unfortunately, few people know about it, and food manufacturers do not make their products "healthy" to the detriment of their profits.".

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