Hair loss

Hair lossWe are always very worried when in the morning on the comb litsezreem a tuft of loose hair. But this state indicates the disadvantage of the occurrence of various processes in the body. For example, healers believe that the intense hair loss due to disturbances in the thyroid gland. If you drop the hair, then there are reasons for this. Perhaps you incorrectly feed - enrich your food with vitamins and minerals, and it is better to buy and individually most appropriate special vitamin complex, created especially for hair and skin. But sometimes the cause of hair loss is simpler and more prosaic. For example, cosmetologists, there is the concept of "Greenland baldness". In fact, earlier in women Greenland existed traditional hairstyle, which obliged tight to pull the hair at the nape of the neck. Such a load on your hair root simply could not withstand, all of them had hair loss. If you have long hair, try not to wear tight braids or strong clips for hair. Beauticians recommend to comb wet hair or tight braid them. Permanent parting in the same place, too, contributes to their loss. Hairpieces, wigs, hair extensions can cause provedenia hair. If the hair becomes too brittle - pay attention to your gut. Hair prone to the cross-section at the ends? This means that you don't eat. Dandruff? Limit the intake of salt, sugar, coffee, dairy products. Suddenly turned gray? Check at the doctor's heart, and pancreas, as well as go to an endocrinologist if you have hormonal dysfunction? Early bloom also contribute to an increased intake of salt, too acidic the food you eat, stress response, and fatigue. Emerging receding hairline at the temples in women male pattern mean that something is wrong with the female sex hormones. Too much hair loss can be the first sign of gout or rheumatism. If your hair before were bright and suddenly began to darken too quickly, then you should pay attention to the liver and gallbladder. For hair you can use masks. They are not necessarily to do with their hands from scrap vehicles. You can buy them, and care for your hair they will have a decent. For example, a cosmetic pair of brand Lazartigue. One mask that nourishes and restores hair, applied before shampooing the hair for twenty minutes. It contains vitamin E, which protects hair from the harmful effects, and ceramides which help to restore the hair structure. Another mask is applied after you have washed your hair and had a little dry. This mask gives volume to the hair, adding Shine to hair. Hair easy to comb and a perfect fit. And no need to rinse. Contrary to popular belief, the problem of hair loss are familiar not only men. Over half of the women confronted with it in different moments of life. In contrast to men whose hair loss is primarily due to genetic reasons and is localized in nature, in women it usually depends on hormonal, seasonal and emotional factors and covers the entire surface of the head. Poor diet Some nutrients are absolutely essential for healthy hair growth. Poor diet and too strict diet can lead to deficiencies of vitamins (C, B5, B6, PP), mineral substances and trace elements (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus). The reason for the lack of nutrients can also be their poor absorption by the body from Smoking and when taking certain medications. The lack of these substances in the body affects the state of the hair roots and can lead to increased hair loss. Menopause The female hormone estrogen increases the life cycle of the hair, whereas the male hormone androgen it reduces. In a woman's body are present in both types of hormones, but the amount of estrogen much more. During menopause, the estrogen level decreases, and against this background, the influence of androgen becomes more visible: the lifespan of the hair is reduced, the hair begins to fall out. Hair loss in this case covers the entire surface of the head and gets worse over time. The birth of a child During pregnancy the hormone estrogen stimulates cell reproduction at the level of the hair follicles (roots). Due to this lengthens the life cycle of the hair. As a result, the number of hairs in the growth phase increases significantly (up to 95% in the last three months of pregnancy). After birth, the levels of estrogen in the body decreases sharply, which has a negative effect on hair growth. The life cycle of hair is reduced, and they can start to fall out in large numbers. For a while hair loss can be a serious problem. Folk remedies for hair loss RUB onion juice with cognac and a decoction of the roots of burdock. A very good tool. One part brandy should take four parts of onion juice and six parts of a decoction of the roots of burdock.

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