years old - the perfect age for the birth of the first child?

 years old - the perfect age for the birth of the first child?34 year perfect for women age birth to their first child, according to scientists. This age provides an optimal balance between the health of the woman and her material well-being, says Professor John Mirowski from the University of Texas. Surveying 2200 women, the Professor came to the conclusion that the postponement of family formation and birth of a child has a specific meaning. The main problems with women's health begin to decline from 22 years old to 34 years, they become less likely, with 35 years there has been a reverse process. That is why Mirowski says: "At any age woman who gave birth to the firstborn in 34 years is 14 years younger, for health reasons than given birth at the age of 18". With a woman's age refers to their health more seriously, behaves not as risky as 20 years, and has a generally constant sexual partner. This is confirmed by sociological data: in the USA the average age when married women have their first child, 25 years, in the UK 30 years. Other experts disagree with this doctrine. Cecilia Piper of Oxford University believes that a woman's fertility with 35-year-old age begins to decline, respectively, can be problems with conception. In addition, there are problems with the birth of the second child age 3-8 years, it is problematic for pregnancy.

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