Determination of RH factor

Determination of RH factorWhat is the RH factor? 85% of people in the blood there is another agglutinogen - rhesus factor (Rh), and 15% of it is missing. Based on this, the blood of all the people divided into RH positive (Rh ) and RH negative (Rh-). RH characteristic is hereditary and permanent throughout life. If any blood transfusion is necessary to accurately determine the RH-affiliation recipient and donor. How is the definition of RH-factor method conglutinate? The definition of Rh-toiletries blood also produces a nurse under the supervision of a physician. There are several methods for the determination of Rh factor. The most common method of conglutinate on Petri dishes. For this study, in addition to eye dropper and bottle of isotonic solution of sodium chloride, you must have Petri dishes, a water bath with a constant temperature 46-48 With standard whey all group system ABO. For analysis take called anti-d serum of two series, one nography on system AVO with a test erythrocytes. In a Petri dish put 2 drops of whey left one series on the right is another in 3 rows for 3 studies. In each series add a drop of red blood cells (analyzed, control Rh-positive and Rh control-negative). After stirring the Petri dish is placed in a water bath for 10 minutes, after which consider in transmitted light. The presence of agglutination indicates a positive result, otherwise, it is negative. To control this method is used deliberately Rh-negative Rh-positive red blood cells. How is the determination of the rhesus factor the Express method? Recently for the determination of RH facilities use the Express method. The reaction is carried out in test tubes without heating. This requires a special, universal for all blood group systems ABO serum, prepared in a special way on Lipkina. In the test tube is placed 1 drop of serum, add 1 drop of the studied red blood cells and after 3 minutes of swinging pour 3-5 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride three times roll the tube and determine the result in the reflected light. The presence of agglutination indicates the presence of Rh antigen. How is the determination of the rhesus factor gelatin Express method? Also widely used gelatin rapid method based on the addition to blood 1 drop of 10% solution of gelatin and 10-minute incubation of the tubes at 37 'C and adding warm isotonic sodium chloride; produce stirring the contents of the test tube. Gelatin contributes to the disappearance of non-specific agglutination. On the same principle based method for the determination of Rh with papain. Any of these methods can be used in cases of emergency. Regardless of the results of the research and available data on the identity of the blood groups of donor and recipient before transfusion is necessary to conduct tests on individual compatibility..

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