From coma released the girl, who had removed half of the brain

From coma released the girl, who had removed half of the brain18-year-old resident of the state of California Jessica Diaz (Jessica Diaz) regained consciousness after more than a year's stay in a coma. Over a year ago a girl suffering from neoplastic disease of the brain, gave birth to a son. The next day after the birth, she underwent surgery, during which the surgeons had to remove about half of the volume of the brain. On the tenth minute surgery, the girl fell into a coma, which was until last Tuesday. Movement of the head girl noticed her mother Eva Diaz (Eva Diaz), going to the hospital, where was Jessica. According to Eva Diaz, she never lost hope that her daughter will recover, despite the unfavorable forecasts doctors. Now, as suggested by the doctors, the nerve cells in the brain Jessica formed a new pathways to replace those that were damaged during the operation. Now a girl can answer simple questions by eye movements and wiggling his hands. The doctors are going to give her a course of intensive physiotherapy, in which Jessica will be taught to speak again. On Sunday, Jessica Diaz gave a brief interview to the local TV company, which was answered by "Yes" or "no" by eye movements. A few days before she saw her year-old son and was able to touch his face. Рњ

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